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What I like about this photograph is the concept of rain water being inside the house. Two subjects that were never meant to meet each ...


My comings and goings on D.A seem to be more sporadic each time. I still love taking photos, attending conventions and following some of my favorite artists on here. However, lately I've been placing more time on my writing. I've always had a dream of becoming published, and now that I've been settled for a year in an apartment with a job I am trying to dedicate more time towards this dream.

I try to visit my library two-three times a week to dedicate a couple hours to writing. I find the library is a great place to work as it doesn't have the distractions of home and I can take myself offline. It's worked pretty well for me, in the past year I've written fifteen chapters for my manuscript with a projected goal of 20. My plan is to finish my manuscript before the end of the year, 4 months and roughly 4 chapters to go. Once that's finished and it's been through it's process with the red pen I will most likely spend more time here with photography, as I impatiently wait for a publishing company to accept my manuscript and make art from the decline letters.

In the meantime, do not take my absence as leaving my photography behind. I'm simple on a journey, please wish me luck until I return 'home'.
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Happy Birthday!
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Thank you so much! Sorry the reply is late, I don't come on here as regularly.
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haha understandable. You're welcome!
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So confused. Why am I not watching you already?!? :C I AM SO SORRY please accept my apologies~ :heart: :heart:

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FOR SHAME! XD It's cool
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